Panda Paws Rescue Adoptable Animals: BeauJax

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Breed: Maltese

Age: 4 months

Weight: 4 pounds

Personality: Baby BeauJax is a 4 month old blind Maltese and happy, healthy otherwise.  This little guy will require a home with a fully fenced, secure yard that can keep him safe at all times.  He does great with other respectful animals of all types, kids and is overall a happy go lucky puppy!  After seeing our specialist they concur that he does not have any irritation or pain from his eyes so we are not gong to remove them. He was born this way and does not know any different, and it does not hinder him from living a normal , wonderful life.  If you think your home could be the perfect match for this southern boy please apply online.

He is currently located in Washington state, if you are applying from out of state we will require that you purchase your plane ticket and fly to Portland International Airport and bring him home as your carry-on in cabin.  We d  not ship animals and we do not place them in cargo.