Panda Paws Rescue Adoptable Animals: Brisket

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Breed: Chocolate Lab

Age: 11 weeks

Weight: Growing puppy

This chocolate chunk came into rescue completely paralytic and incontinent….and with time and intervention, hydro-therapy, daily physical therapy, and range of motion, he now has limited but much better movement and mobility.  We are quickly moving towards him being able to walk and ambulate on his own. Brisket is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Everyone send Brisket all the love and good juju and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this unicorn case shows positive improvement over the next couple days and weeks. In the meantime: meds, physical therapy, range of motion and HYDROTHERAPY to ensure his back legs do not stiffen and lock up! So while it is in the 40’s and raining, you can catch this water pup and I in the hydroptherapy pool a couple times a day!