Panda Paws Rescue Adoptable Animals: Dragonfruit

Describe What is in the Picture


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 2 years

Weight: 21 pounds

Personality: Dragonfruit was very shut down when he came into rescue.  He had been used as a breeding stud and spent his life in a kennel. He would hide in the back of his kennel, when we took him outside he was just stand there and shiver.  He has a pretty bad upper respiratory infection that we are treating with antibiotics.

We discovered that Dragonfruit loves to wear his fleece sweater.  He is now playing with his “babies” and chasing his sisters all over the back yard.  He is a very gentle soul and melts into your arms when you hold him.  He would love to have playmates and lots of babies and of course some very cozy fleece sweaters.  If you think you are the perfect fit for Dragonfruit please apply below.