Panda Paws Rescue Adoptable Animals: Eggs Bennydict

Describe What is in the Picture
Describe What is in the Picture
Describe What is in the Picture

Eggs Bennydict

Breed: English Toy Spaniel

Age: 3/22/2021

Weight: 6 pounds

Personality: Eggy B came into rescue as a breeder surrender.  He was born with a cleft palate and suspected hydrocephalus.  Eggs was tube fed for the first 8 weeks of his life then he came to Panda Paws Rescue. We then continued tube feeding and modified his diet as he wasn’t gaining weight. Initially he had suspected liver shunt and suspect kidney issues.  He was seen by our specialists at OSU at 4 months.  It was determined that he did not have a liver shunt and that his kidney levels were that of a normal growing puppy!!  Eggs is going in to have his cleft repaired and his neuter on 8/17.

Eggy B is a busy boy.  He loves to do zoomies in the back yard, he gives great side eye and is always judging you.  He is full of energy and loves to go for car rides.