Panda Paws Rescue • A 503(c) Non Profit

Rescue – Rehabilitation – Hospice

Our rescue’s goal is to end the homelessness, abuse & neglect of all animals.
To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
To stand up and make a change.
When we can, to care for those sick, injured, or dying at the hands of others.
To nurture and find loving forever homes for them.
To make a change, to make a life better, to be an advocate.
To care.
Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Do you spay & neuter your rescues?2019-03-21T21:48:41-07:00

Yes, we require that every animal is spayed or neutered unless medically they are deemed unfit for surgery because it poses a danger to their life. Thankfully, that is very rare.

Do you take cats/pigs/birds/wildlife/etc?2019-03-21T21:50:28-07:00

Yes, Panda Paws Rescue does occasionally help other species. However, the vast majority of our rescues are dogs!

I found a stray, where do I bring it or can I bring it to you?2019-08-26T10:48:55-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue does not accept stray animals and we encourage you to take the animal to your local shelter that holds the contract with your respective county to help the animal reunite with their family. If the stray is a Panda Paws Rescue alumni the local shelter will contact us and we can arrange transferring that animal back into our care with them. There are laws in each county which allow time for a family to reunite with their lost animal companion and it is very important to us that we follow those laws strictly.

I want to visit Panda Paws Rescue. Can I just stop by?2019-03-21T21:50:44-07:00

Unfortunately no. We do our best to make ourselves as available to the public as possible, however, this is our family home and for our personal privacy and safety (as well as the safety of the animals) we are NOT open to the general public to come and go. We do allow adopters to come into our home but we do not allow people to just stop by to meet us or our animals. We try to make ample opportunities each year for our beloved supporters to meet with us at fundraisers or public events. Additionally, we post daily and allow our supporters to follow the journey of each animal from within our home on our social media pages. Your respect and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Are you a nonprofit / 501c3 and is my donation tax deductible?2019-03-21T21:50:51-07:00

Yes! Panda Paws Rescue is a registered 501c3 charity and your donations are tax deductible.

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I have pet food, medications, kennels, etc to donate. Where can I do that?2019-03-21T21:49:18-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue runs on a very low volume and therefore our need for these types of donations is much lower than it is for a lot of our rescue partners. I encourage you to make these types of donations to your local shelters or to programs that help feed low income family pets. When Panda Paws Rescue is in need of a specific supply, we add that to our Amazon Wish List & share it on our Facebook page as well. ( www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 )

How do I donate to your Amazon?2019-03-21T21:49:29-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue has an Amazon Wish List and we do encourage people to donate items on that list. We try to keep it current with each new rescue that comes into our care. If you are an Amazon Smile member, Panda Paws Rescue is a recognized charity on their list to choose from as your beneficiary each time you make a purchase.

I would like to donate, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:50:59-07:00

Donation is the sole reason we are able to do what we do here at Panda Paws Rescue. Without our public support, the number of more needy animals we would be able to save would be drastically lower. Donations save lives & we are eternally grateful for your support. Donations can be made directly on our website ( www.PandaPawsRescue.org ), directly on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 ) or via good ole snail mail to:
Panda Paws Rescue
805 NE Perry Road
Washougal, WA 98671

I would like to foster, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:52:34-07:00

Currently we only have our board members as volunteers, as well as one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks.

I would like to volunteer, how can I do that?2019-12-04T15:54:40-08:00

Volunteering is a major help in the rescue/shelter world and most could not make it happen without their selfless team of helpers. Panda Paws Rescue is operated out of my personal home and I have children. Therefore, we do not allow volunteers here so that I can run as “normal” of a household as possible for my family as well as for obvious safety reasons.

Currently, we only have one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. We do occasionally need transport help and when that need arises you can find the plea for help on our Facebook page.

If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks.

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This is awesome!

Love it. Great idea. Stay amazing Amanda

We are doing this for Easter!

F'n awesome !

So fun!


That was wonderful. So happy you are able to do it 😘💞😘💞😘💞😡💞

How fun!

Awesome stuff

This made me smile! Thank you!!

We did a drive by bday party for my great nieces 4th bday. Stinking virus can’t take away handing off gifts to her! 🎂❤️

that is such a great idea!

This is awesome!!

Awesome stuff

You are such a sweetheart. I had a picnic with my grandkids last weekend. Loved every minute of it even if I couldn't hug them. But it was definitely fun to see them climbing trees again, 22 and 18 years old.

So wonderful ❤️


So very nice!! I’m missing my family. So tempted to drive to AZ to see them, even though I know we’re not supposed to.

Sweet! 😂🙂💕

Richard Murphy Linda Murphy Mike Scott and Rod

That is awesome!!!!

That’s awesome

Awesome! 💜

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Thanks Viking Veterinary Care!!!

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No but you can give it to your pet.

I hope no one starts that 😔 let's love are furbabies as we do our children they deserve to be in the home of their loved ones not dumped like trash even if it's a shelter. 🙏 keep your furbabies they need love as well.

Will i get cooties from my pet?

No !!!

I hug Zoe all the time no worries

I don't think anyone believes they can get it from their pet. I think this virus just became the excuse some people were looking for to dump a pet they didn't really care for in the first place.😡

I havent seen any evidence about ferrets. We have 3 ourselves. They have been known to catch coronavirus/SARS cov2, not covid-19. The amount of misinformation I've seen about pets is worrying. I imagine in the next few weeks there will be an influx of animals being bought into shelters. Such sad times.

Información ,no al abandono por tener miedo ,aquí en mi país la gente se pasa de desobligada y está abandonando como siempre a sus pobres mascotas ,ellos dependen de su familia ,ellos no nos infectaran de nada

Joshua Hooper

Defiantly don’t have a pet tiger 😂

Today we tried to groom our 15 year old dog! Not an easy job! Still have more cutting to do, but not bad. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🙏🏻😷

This would be perfect, if it also said "DON'T LICK YOUR PETS!"

So they can't give it to us, but we can give it to them? Another reason for me to stay healthy... no one to watch my Henry if I get it. :'(

How do you even know?? This is something still new and no one knows how will react...it went from animals to humans and it can mutate again from humans to animal and back to humans again....so

Thank you!!!


So I saw on CNN that one of the tigers got it at I think the Brooklyn zoo. Is this possible?

First off love your pets.

Why cant i have a tiger

Great post!

Even if my fur baby could give me the virus I wouldn’t leave her EVER! #dogsforlife My girl has Caudal Occipital Malformation Syndrome & Chiari-Like Malformation so laying on her back is painful so this is how we do belly rubs in our house ❤️ from Australia. Stay Safe.

Thank you! Excellent! 😊💖🐕💖😻💖😊

I had 7 cats with coronavirus last year. We did not get sick. It's an illness that has been around a long time. The tiger had the same symptoms my cats had, dry cough, fever, loss of appetite, weight loss. The media is trying to get us to believe a human have it to a tiger. Totally false!!

Thank you for clearing this up because I was getting confused.

Jennifer Filak

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Little Yvie is being fostered by Sayde, Patty and Gerty. Today Gerty took her for a walk and because she’s not fully vaccinated due to age it was a “no paws on the ground” stroll with distancing & masks! Safety and sanity first!! Yvie is a 7 week old Dachshund mix looking for the perfect home! She’s sooooo tiny and sweet, great with everyone and healthy! If you are in Oregon or Washington and are ready for a wee love, please apply online at www.pandapawsrescue.org!

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Gerty sure is growing up fast...wow

The wrap is so cute

Awww little baby xx

My gosh...wish I lived in the area

What a 🥰

Omg. I love her...

Be careful. Some things are airborne that she can catch.

She looks like Our Stellaluna



How cute

I’m jealous of the puppy pack AND the mask

She looks like a little bat in that wrap 😂

Oh my, I need her!

Omg such a small little baby

Great carrier. Love it. Great job everyone. Get this wee one a furever home

congratulations I love you guys take care too


Too cute

Would love to but I live in New York! I have a dachshund mix and love the breed! Good luck finding a forever home for her! ❤️❤️😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻 be safe and be well!! ❤️🙏🏻😍

Adorable puppy 😍

Tammy Martinez

Love that girl 🤩🤩

God bless you all 😘💞😇🙏😘💞😇🙏

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Have you ever tried dandelions... mine absolutely loves them!!

Its very hard. Prayers that this ends soon and life will be back to normal for us humans as well as our pets❤

So cool!

He’s adorable. My kids are adjusting to being home. My hubby and I are both “essential” and working outside the home.

it's so hard to stay on a decent schedule. Everyone is a night owl at our house, so we are having a hard time not staying up too late.

His name is DAD? I love it. But what did her father think of that?

Me and my lil man, Gunny. He is as screwed up as we are.

My beardie's name is Glitch. He has little seizures occasionally. I adopted him from someone who didn't want him. He is super spoiled and a giant mealworm and grapes junkie.

Jessica - more Dragon content ALWAYS

Hes cute! We have one, her name is Rica

Beardies are awesome!

Very hard! I have two guinea pigs that wake me up in the middle of the night because I swear they parkour!!

Where's my crickets Grammy ??? Lol

It's so hard. Next week homeschooling. Yikes!

He's pretty cute!

So cool

We baby sat our friend’s beardy last summer and at dusk, we’d go out and collect all the June bugs we could find and put them in his house and he’d go nutso!!! So much fun! ♥️

I'm working from home and forget to eat lunch and get off work at 5. But hey I get to work in my underwear so bonus I guess.

To me it's amazing how much energy you have with all the things you do. Your love of animals is undeniable!!! God bless and be safe. This too shall pass.

We are in the hardware business so things are going along as normal for me in SC....

Finn is a bit of a poser

Best pets ever Morticia and Gomez

So cute

We used to have a bearded dragon but being military we got orders, moved him with us, but he went downhill. I nurtured him back but we decided moving again would be too hard on him so we found him a new home. I miss him but I know he's still doing well!

I am a LMSW working on an inpatient unit with the chronically mentally ill population. No words to describe the torment people have with paranoia and delusions with this pandemic. Love you are watching over dogs and cats out there and taking care of them.

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Love those precious fur babies 😘💞😘💞😘💞

That is wonderful!

Wish you guys were in ohio

Bless you

I took my 10 yr old cat to the vet today and found out she has a tumor in her tummy. They offered to put her down. She still will eat bites of chicken and water so I did not. Took her home for some last loves. If I need to put her down I cant be with her because it's a no contact. I'm so sad!!


Are they newcomers to your rescue?

I absolutely adore those feisty little pups! Thanks for sharing! 🐾🐾💜

Monica would this benefit you or anyone you know there?

They are having such a great time! Sunshine makes everyone happy!

This put a much needed smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve forgotten what dogs you are caring for currently.

Is Yvie new?!? I love her she is a firecracker of fundus and joy and sparkles and glitter and unicorn and everything that's good in the world I think I need more of her in my life

They look like they're having a blast!! Nothing wrong with getting some stored up energy out 🤣 You & your family are awesome!!❤

Some puppy tussle going on! We need more cuteness in our lives these days 😂🐶🦮🐕🐕‍🦺❤️

Awww, so darling!!

So many cute puppies!!!

She's got alot to say.

Too cute. Miss seeing you guys

Dios te bendiga Amanda tienes un corazón muy grande. GRACIAS por hacer lo que hacer con todos los animales.

They are playing off some energy 💘🦋

Any news on more Amanda to the rescue episodes

Is that cute little white one available? I live in Battle ground in between Brush Prairie.

They are so cute! Are any of them available? I live in Camas

Very nice thank you

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Day 24 of quarantine! Miss Blackberry found the biggest stick and she’s proudly carrying it everywhere!

Comment on Facebook

Precious go big girl!!❤💜❤

OMG I didn't see the dog at first. She's so cute

Wow that’s a big stick

Took me a minute to find her hahaha

Love this!

6 foot stick keeps people 6 feet away. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “carry a big stick”. She’s bring it to you for social distancing

Beautiful dog 🐕‍🦺xx

next, she'll find a small tree.


If this doesn’t look like my lab.... 😂

Our animals are what are keeping so many of us going right now. Your pictures bring me so much joy! ❤️ I love how you captured how proud she is. You go girl!!

I almost couldn't find her in the photo 😂 That really is a might big stick. Enjoy your stick pretty Miss Blackberry!! <3

Yep, that's a lab for ya! 😂😂

You know,what they say " walk quietly and carry a big stick " .🤣🤣🤣 Smart doggie

Looks like more of a branch than a stick 😂

LOVE her! So darn cute!! ❤️❤️❤️

She’s practicing social distancing!

Good to see you safe

Please momma, can we play fetch?

How cute

Atta girl

That is a BIG stick!!!😂 😂😂😂

My dog does this 😂 hilarious every time

She blends into the fire pit, hard to see her

Reminds me of our dear Bailey! She loved her big sticks!

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Rogue is the definition of Day 21 of #quarantine! Share photos of your life in lockdown!! #AloneTogether

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Plastic bags have become entertainment

Watch Senna (Pittie) try to get her sister, Lotus, to play!

Love that pup!!!!! My boy.

such a beautiful pic xxx

Paisley is loving work from home and lock down orders!

Helping Miss 14 with her home schooling at the kitchen table lol

Love those 2

Charlie Ottoman

We adopted a puppy... Meatball. We are now permanently covered in slobber.

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BlackBerry would like to announce that during the first week of April we are opening our food donation & delivery program up to those on government assistance in the Vancouver / camas / washougal & greater Portland area! We understand that times are tough and financially things are even tighter for a lot of us. If you are in need of cat or dog food, please email us the type of food/protein your animals eat, how many you have & your location to COVID@PANDAPAWSRESCUE.ORG - TY!

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Aw thanks BlackBerry 💕💚❤️ you guys all stay safe in your travels helping others.


Look at that dingleberry!! And I say that with the utmost love!!❤❤💋

Please don't forget to rest and stay well too, the world needs you to take care of yourself too...

BlackBerry - you are Ad-or-AB-le

Well done guys xx💜💜💜xx

I think I have her twin

She's beautiful!! Your heart is so big. During adversity, you push even harder. <3

Bless you all for helping those that need the help🥰

How can we help donate food? I live in Eastern Washington

So adorable!! Enjoy your walk


Do you have a paypal account we can donate to support this cause?

She looks like our Cleo.

You are amazing Amanda

Great job Panda Paws Rescue!

You are awesome Amanda.

Freedom pantry for veterans in yakima has some dog and cat food left for those in the local area if needed.

I love you because you a true humanitarian! You are always thinking of others

Please repeat amazon address to order food for you..

You all stay safe up there 😘💞😘💞😘💞

That's awesome Amanda!!! ❤❤❤

You have such a loving & giving heart. <3

I'm not necessarily having a problem paying for my cat's food, my biggest problem is the place that I normally get it from is walmart.com. So we have not been able to get our food there for them or toilet paper or paper towels, or pretty much anything else. people are like what there's paper towels everywhere? Not in my town there isn't and without a vehicle what do you do? Either order from online or get from a place within walking distance

God bless

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Comment on Facebook

She is soooooo cute! She looks like she could be related to Mason and Murphy. They’re bigger now though.

Looks a little damp N of the Columbia. Ditto out here in your Tanasbourne vets’ neighborhood. Keep on keepin on, and we’ll keep on loving/supporting you!

Such a cutie! She looks so happy!

My dog always has to hold her own leash

She's absolutely adorable.


I needed a little BlackBerry today. Thanks!

She's precious

I love to see how happy she is. 🐾❤️🐾

She is so happy!!

She is so cute. It's great to see how happy she is and how she doesn't let her heart condition slow her down. I have a 13 year old doing Chemo that also has a grade 4 murmur. They still have as much love,joy, and happiness as any other dog.

Why did she come back from her foster family?

She's adorable

looks like it will be bathtime when you get back home lol

What a stinker! So cute 😃

She's adorable

She looks like she's loving it ❤️💕

She looks so happy. I'm surprised she didn't have fun in the puddles..

She's beautiful!!

She's just too cute!❤


What kind of dog is she?😍

She is adorable !!! Have a wonderful day!!💖

Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyy gosh... I love her...

Love this girl!

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Good afternoon!! Baby Phoenix is officially with his new momma and headed home! This is our last long distance journey until covid is under control and even still we were able to do it usual distance and sanitary protocols. The airports are empty and eerie but that’s a good thing! This baby patiently waited 6 months to find his happily ever after and we weren’t even sure if we would be able to get him into the loving arms of his momma.... but we did and I couldn’t be more excited for him! Thank you Dr. Nina!! Congrats to both of you!!!

Comment on Facebook

So happy for you ...xoxoxoxo

So happy for you...I recognize the Portland Airport carpet

God bless you all and keep you safe.


Safe travels and congratulations 💕

Awesome job Panda Paws!!

Another happy beginning!

It's cute


Oh my gosh look at him. He knows he is going home.

Wonderful uplifting news! Need this

Prayers Healing Love and Peace. Thank you 💜🐾🌏🐾💜

Love it


CONGRATULATIONS! He's beautiful!

What a bright light amongst the storm! Have a great life Baby Phoenix.

Awww that’s awesome!!!! I hope we will get updates on how Phoenix is doing 🙂 and glad it was a safe trip

Cute kitty! Happy trails!

I love all that you do. R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Be safe!

Love that baby kitty 😍

You should have taken a pic of his little paws standing on the PDX carpet.

Thank you, thank you for getting Phoenix a new mommy.

Excellent. The next chapter of his life looks bright. Happy purring, head bonks, belly rubs.💕🐈

Grey cats are the best

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