Panda Paws Rescue • A 503(c) Non Profit

Rescue – Rehabilitation – Hospice

Our rescue’s goal is to end the homelessness, abuse & neglect of all animals.
To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
To stand up and make a change.
When we can, to care for those sick, injured, or dying at the hands of others.
To nurture and find loving forever homes for them.
To make a change, to make a life better, to be an advocate.
To care.
Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Do you spay & neuter your rescues?2019-03-21T21:48:41-07:00

Yes, we require that every animal is spayed or neutered unless medically they are deemed unfit for surgery because it poses a danger to their life. Thankfully, that is very rare.

Do you take cats/pigs/birds/wildlife/etc?2019-03-21T21:50:28-07:00

Yes, Panda Paws Rescue does occasionally help other species. However, the vast majority of our rescues are dogs!

I found a stray, where do I bring it or can I bring it to you?2019-08-26T10:48:55-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue does not accept stray animals and we encourage you to take the animal to your local shelter that holds the contract with your respective county to help the animal reunite with their family. If the stray is a Panda Paws Rescue alumni the local shelter will contact us and we can arrange transferring that animal back into our care with them. There are laws in each county which allow time for a family to reunite with their lost animal companion and it is very important to us that we follow those laws strictly.

I want to visit Panda Paws Rescue. Can I just stop by?2019-03-21T21:50:44-07:00

Unfortunately no. We do our best to make ourselves as available to the public as possible, however, this is our family home and for our personal privacy and safety (as well as the safety of the animals) we are NOT open to the general public to come and go. We do allow adopters to come into our home but we do not allow people to just stop by to meet us or our animals. We try to make ample opportunities each year for our beloved supporters to meet with us at fundraisers or public events. Additionally, we post daily and allow our supporters to follow the journey of each animal from within our home on our social media pages. Your respect and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Are you a nonprofit / 501c3 and is my donation tax deductible?2019-03-21T21:50:51-07:00

Yes! Panda Paws Rescue is a registered 501c3 charity and your donations are tax deductible.

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I have pet food, medications, kennels, etc to donate. Where can I do that?2019-03-21T21:49:18-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue runs on a very low volume and therefore our need for these types of donations is much lower than it is for a lot of our rescue partners. I encourage you to make these types of donations to your local shelters or to programs that help feed low income family pets. When Panda Paws Rescue is in need of a specific supply, we add that to our Amazon Wish List & share it on our Facebook page as well. ( www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 )

How do I donate to your Amazon?2019-03-21T21:49:29-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue has an Amazon Wish List and we do encourage people to donate items on that list. We try to keep it current with each new rescue that comes into our care. If you are an Amazon Smile member, Panda Paws Rescue is a recognized charity on their list to choose from as your beneficiary each time you make a purchase.

I would like to donate, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:50:59-07:00

Donation is the sole reason we are able to do what we do here at Panda Paws Rescue. Without our public support, the number of more needy animals we would be able to save would be drastically lower. Donations save lives & we are eternally grateful for your support. Donations can be made directly on our website ( www.PandaPawsRescue.org ), directly on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 ) or via good ole snail mail to:
Panda Paws Rescue
805 NE Perry Road
Washougal, WA 98671

I would like to foster, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:52:34-07:00

Currently we only have our board members as volunteers, as well as one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks.

I would like to volunteer, how can I do that?2019-12-04T15:54:40-08:00

Volunteering is a major help in the rescue/shelter world and most could not make it happen without their selfless team of helpers. Panda Paws Rescue is operated out of my personal home and I have children. Therefore, we do not allow volunteers here so that I can run as “normal” of a household as possible for my family as well as for obvious safety reasons.

Currently, we only have one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. We do occasionally need transport help and when that need arises you can find the plea for help on our Facebook page.

If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks.

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What's New on Facebook

BlackBerry would like to announce that during the first week of April we are opening our food donation & delivery program up to those on government assistance in the Vancouver / camas / washougal & greater Portland area! We understand that times are tough and financially things are even tighter for a lot of us. If you are in need of cat or dog food, please email us the type of food/protein your animals eat, how many you have & your location to COVID@PANDAPAWSRESCUE.ORG - TY!

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Aw thanks BlackBerry 💕💚❤️ you guys all stay safe in your travels helping others.


Look at that dingleberry!! And I say that with the utmost love!!❤❤💋

Please don't forget to rest and stay well too, the world needs you to take care of yourself too...

BlackBerry - you are Ad-or-AB-le

Well done guys xx💜💜💜xx

I think I have her twin

She's beautiful!! Your heart is so big. During adversity, you push even harder. <3

Bless you all for helping those that need the help🥰

How can we help donate food? I live in Eastern Washington

So adorable!! Enjoy your walk


Do you have a paypal account we can donate to support this cause?

She looks like our Cleo.

You are amazing Amanda

Great job Panda Paws Rescue!

You are awesome Amanda.

Freedom pantry for veterans in yakima has some dog and cat food left for those in the local area if needed.

I love you because you a true humanitarian! You are always thinking of others

Please repeat amazon address to order food for you..

You all stay safe up there 😘💞😘💞😘💞

That's awesome Amanda!!! ❤❤❤

You have such a loving & giving heart. <3

I'm not necessarily having a problem paying for my cat's food, my biggest problem is the place that I normally get it from is walmart.com. So we have not been able to get our food there for them or toilet paper or paper towels, or pretty much anything else. people are like what there's paper towels everywhere? Not in my town there isn't and without a vehicle what do you do? Either order from online or get from a place within walking distance

God bless

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She is soooooo cute! She looks like she could be related to Mason and Murphy. They’re bigger now though.

Looks a little damp N of the Columbia. Ditto out here in your Tanasbourne vets’ neighborhood. Keep on keepin on, and we’ll keep on loving/supporting you!

Such a cutie! She looks so happy!

My dog always has to hold her own leash

She's absolutely adorable.


I needed a little BlackBerry today. Thanks!

She's precious

I love to see how happy she is. 🐾❤️🐾

She is so happy!!

She is so cute. It's great to see how happy she is and how she doesn't let her heart condition slow her down. I have a 13 year old doing Chemo that also has a grade 4 murmur. They still have as much love,joy, and happiness as any other dog.

Why did she come back from her foster family?

She's adorable

looks like it will be bathtime when you get back home lol

What a stinker! So cute 😃

She's adorable

She looks like she's loving it ❤️💕

She looks so happy. I'm surprised she didn't have fun in the puddles..

She's beautiful!!

She's just too cute!❤


What kind of dog is she?😍

She is adorable !!! Have a wonderful day!!💖

Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyy gosh... I love her...

Love this girl!

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Good afternoon!! Baby Phoenix is officially with his new momma and headed home! This is our last long distance journey until covid is under control and even still we were able to do it usual distance and sanitary protocols. The airports are empty and eerie but that’s a good thing! This baby patiently waited 6 months to find his happily ever after and we weren’t even sure if we would be able to get him into the loving arms of his momma.... but we did and I couldn’t be more excited for him! Thank you Dr. Nina!! Congrats to both of you!!!

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So happy for you ...xoxoxoxo

So happy for you...I recognize the Portland Airport carpet

God bless you all and keep you safe.


Safe travels and congratulations 💕

Awesome job Panda Paws!!

Another happy beginning!

It's cute


Oh my gosh look at him. He knows he is going home.

Wonderful uplifting news! Need this

Prayers Healing Love and Peace. Thank you 💜🐾🌏🐾💜

Love it


CONGRATULATIONS! He's beautiful!

What a bright light amongst the storm! Have a great life Baby Phoenix.

Awww that’s awesome!!!! I hope we will get updates on how Phoenix is doing 🙂 and glad it was a safe trip

Cute kitty! Happy trails!

I love all that you do. R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Be safe!

Love that baby kitty 😍

You should have taken a pic of his little paws standing on the PDX carpet.

Thank you, thank you for getting Phoenix a new mommy.

Excellent. The next chapter of his life looks bright. Happy purring, head bonks, belly rubs.💕🐈

Grey cats are the best

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***Attention everyone in the greater Portland area and Southwest Washington: if we are able to host a blood drive for the American Red Cross due to their overwhelming shortage, would you sign up and come donate? I’m begging and pleading you to consider how your donation could save three lives.***

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I’m down in So oregon (Medford) or I totally would come!! ♥️

We are actually trying to arrange one for the business park by the airport (where we work). 🥰 Love this idea!

Tonie ? Has dad been able to donate??

Totally! ❤️

Just outside Portland. Yes.



How southwest? Im in federal way and would have to travel....

I donated at beaches a couple weeks ago so I can’t yet but my husband hasn’t ... I think I could get him there!

Yes! It would be more convient for me due to location!


Donated on Saturday! Gift of life! ❤️❤️

As much as I HATE needles, donating blood is one thing that I can get over my fear of needles for.

As someone who has had four transfusions (so far) I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you. You are all my heroes.


Omg yes!! I volunteer with the Red Cross in Portland. If you need any help getting things set up, just let me know.

I would donate. It’s been a while since I have been in anyway.

I wished I could, but unfortunately I am an anemic 😓

I’m in! Where at?

WONDERFUL IDEA, I know that blood banks are struggling right now - time to get the measuring tape and the traffic cones out to mark off the 6 feet of Personal space needed.

Yes I would, however I am not sure I would qualify because of medication. And a tattoo. Guidelines would be helpful.


If I wasn’t pregnant I absolutely would! I’m O-!

I volunteer with the Red Cross in Vancouver and if I can help in anyway just let me know.

I’m in NY and S**t is real here. If I was healthy I’d donate.

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If you’re on our list for food deliveries today, we are officially on our way!! I’m training jade on the sanitizing protocols so she can help with deliveries so we can expand our delivery zone!

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Thank you

Bless you guys 💙💙💙

I wish we had this in Ky

Great job panda paws

And big thank you

What a blessing you are

Love the masks stay safe

Be safe

You guys are amazing. thank you

Panda Paws is truly amazing!!!!! Thank you for everything you do! I received my Panda Paws hoodie with the horse design on it in the mail today, can't wait to wear it!!

Bless you both.....please stay safe

You & your family ROCK!!!!

Do you plan on having another season on TV soon ?? Prayers for everyone there in your state and all the animals you help 🙂

You guys are great

Be safe guys but i am sure they appreciate the help

You gals are amazing!

Bless you and your whole band of volunteers. Prays you all stay safe and well.Prayers little Groot is still doing better.🙏💙🤍🖤💜💚💛🧡❤

You guys are so great

Hi Amanda, my name is Wanda, I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I just wanted to say how wonderful the work you are doing, Love your show, and all the wonderful things you do for all the precious animals out there. I have a senior cat and I guess I am a senior too. You all take Care and Be Safe!!!

Love your beautiful, amazing, giving soul... and Jade's 💜💙✌

Be safe out there.


You and your family are so amazing

Awesome Ladies 👍😎🇺🇸

Thank you for all you do for the animals. You are a blessing.

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Our girl Blackberry is doing really well! She is giving her foster dad a run for his money keeping her entertained, trained and tuckered out during quarantine and theyre both loving the company! I have a message in with OSU regarding her heart surgery and we are waiting to hear if her case qualifies during this time since they are only seeing emergent cases only. Technically her PDA is, but we can also buy time if we have to. Ultimately, whatever they feel is best and works with the current state of affairs. She IS accepting applications and ideally she would have an adventurous family. She loves walks, toys, fetch, the works. Her heart hasnt slowed her yet and we hope to fix it so she an go on to be the love for life puppy she is right now. Labby lovers, this girls is SMART! She is such a good girl! If you would like to apply to adopt this black beauty you can find the application form at www.PandaPawsRescue.org. Of course we will take care of all of her vetting needs and once surgery is completed we have no reason to believe she wont live a full, long life like any other labby would!

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She is such a beauty!!!

Well you can see she has lab in her with that stick in her mouth! Gotta love labs

She’s absolutely adorable!

What is her heart issue?

I have a lab-coon hound mix! Her name is Pepper!

I so wish I could. She would get along so good with my mom's lab Mya. I want a black lab some day. I use to have a chocolate and yellow labs. Father daughter. This is Mya.

is she with ohio state university or is it Oklahoma state university

Beautiful girl! <3

Such a pretty girl!

You have green grass, we still have a field of white, I’m jealous😁

Labs are always high energy but their loyalty is the best ever. ❤

Jon Demko

She is a beauty. Best of luck to her foster dad🐾

Play fetch, take grass bath, cuddle - life is complete


I wish you well precious fur baby. 🐶🐾🐾💋

Je vous admire Amanda, chaque fois que je regarde votre émission, je dis à mon mari : "s'ils faisaient la même chose en France, je serai là première à le faire !!" j'adore les animaux, ils sont souvent plus humains que les hommes... ❤️

Thank you for helping this sweet baby

A very beautiful girl...I'm sure she is a delight. She may or maynot have a long-life span fate, but I'm sure her medical needs will always be met with much love as well from the right adopter. I have had 2 labs; great dogs and she will find just the right forever home. I had a blk. Lab, a male and he lived 13 years and my chocolate, a male too, lived to be 16! Both dogs had some health issues which progressed as they aged. I just kept them going.🐾🐕

Mine will be 10 in June...His name is Blitz....He’s very smart.. And still thinks he’s a baby...lol

Aw yay that's so good to hear she's such sweet baby 💕💚

Shared from South Dakota 😇 Best wishes, 🙏s and 🍀 for BlackBerry ❤

My lab mix raven is the matriarch of my house.She keeps the black boxer mix jack sparrow in line and the three devils called cats bandit,cleo and gremlin in line. If I had a larger house and bigger yard I would love to add another to my pack but no room.

She looks a lot like our dog Bodie

So cute!!

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Your generosity blows my mind! I know it may not seem like much but we have just over 2000 pounds of cat and dog food to donate and deliver for free to the elderly, special needs and in immune compromised during this Covid 19 pandemic. It may only be a bag of food to some but for others it’s saving them from risking their own health to venture out to provide for their animal companions or making them choose between their animal and their health. This week we are delivering to 5 Senior Living Complexes. If you are a senior, differently abled or immune compromised individual in the greater PORTLAND or Camas / Washougal area, and need dog/cat food and litter, please email is at covid@pandapawsrescue.org - thank you! 


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Awesome! Stay safe, thank you and God bless!!😄🎉💝🎈

Thank you for looking out for so many who need a little boost!!

You guys are amazing as always!

Thank you so much for helping. You rock

people helping people..the best!


Absolutely amazing you and your family are Angels...thank you so much

How awesome!

Hermoso... Saludos desde Culiacán, Sinaloa México

bless you and your family!

The delivery drivers are probably loving you right now 😉 it's fantastic though!

Awesome!! Thank you all for the wonderful things you do ❤


This is my porch every day and while it’s a ton of work - it warms my heart!

Bless you!!! I went through that panic about getting food for my babies. Thank you for helping others to not go through that!

This is great

Thats so awsome! Thx for all you do for others and the furry kids!

What a great thing you’re doing! Stay safe!

you are amazing! keep up the good work. as the first of the month approaches those of us with compromised immune systems still have to get our groceries and care for our pets. im not anywhere near you guys, but im in new york with a man on oxygen for his COPD. our disability checks will be coming on the first and never before have we has so much trouble trying to get to that money. gotta leave the house to get to the atm and then the store. then its a matter of if there is anything at the store. its frustrating and scary as hell. we will get through this though. people like you are making all the difference for people like me and my roommate. thank you for caring.

Thank you for helping people who need it! You guys rock!

Fantastic Amanda. Let me know if you need help delivering and I'll pop over to help in between work calls etc.

That is incredibly!!! Love good people❤️✝️

This is awesome how can all come together when we have to

Michelle Vasquez-Stickley do you know anyone who could use some help?😘❤🐕

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So much support from y’all!!! Thank you!!!!! I added LOTS of smaller bags to our wish list! :) If you are a senior citizen, differently abled or immune compromised individual that needs cat or dog food delivered in the CAMAS/WASHOUGAL or Greater Portland Area, please email us your location, how many animals you have and what brand AND Protein they are currently eating to COVID@PANDAPAWSRESCUE.ORG! 

Amazon Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/11O5418YDUN9Q?ref_=wl_share

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Ty for what u do!! What a blessing those fur babies have with u 😊

Paying it forward. Y'all rock🐼🐾💜

Our little community of Plymouth, WI has stepped up and has either adopted and/or fostered every single animal in our Humane Society. People doing what they need to do for animals. This should be the norm, not the exception. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤



Sorry financially strapped right now😔

How can I donate ?

Ur a god send amanda

Melissa Reagan here's where you should take that food and she's in washougal... What she does is amazing ❤️❤️

Wish i could help bit hard here in the UK at the moment,but you do have some wonderful people sending donations to you at this difficult times👍🐾❤xx

I love this. My dog is running low on food, and she can only have salmon flavored dog food because she is allergic to everything else. And I'm having a hard time finding her food. I just lost my job so I cant afford to pay $50 for a small bag of food.

Heart of 💛💛💛💛


You can cut down the big bags of food into ziploc bags to hand out smaller bags. You are doing a wonderful thing for the people in need

You guys are wonderful

Off to amazon

YEAH!!!! Feels so good to help others

You rock! We Canucks are doing this too.......sure wishing you and your family blessings 💖

Y’all are fantastic! Love you to the moon and back!

Wow, that's awesome sauce

Hope this helps!

Sent 2 bags hope it helps

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Those of you looking for the Etsy shop. Here is the link: www.etsy.com/shop/PandaPawsRescue501C3

I guess I was guilty of hoarding...I ordered 2 of Jedi's favorite balls immediately to be sure he has one! lol But seriously-praying and praying for every one in the world and all the animals! <3

Do you post your hoodies to the UK Amanda??? xx

Do you have plus size shorts?

I ordered a large sweatshirt. If it’s too big what can I do. I got the one that’s like your shirt.

I don't see a place to put the code in for coffee!! Want to make sure it gets to you guys!!

Do the shirts run true to their size? Small is small ?

Here in the UK, I've been giving out bottles of hand sanitizer for FREE to chemo/cancer patients. This is my contribution to people xx

How do I get horses tshirt

I just love Groot and Bullfrog!! Groot looks so much like my little Japanese Chin, Pippi (bless her heart-RIP Pippi). Every time I see Groot I think of Pippi. :-). Love the work that you do!

My daughter Olivia is six and wants to grow up to be you. She is sitting in my lap watching right now. She is the reason we just applied to be a foster mom so she can be “Livie to the rescue”

Hi from day 12 self quarantined (immunocompromised) with my precious dachshund Mika (pronounced Meeka) in southwest Arkansas! Stay in & stay healthy everyone! 💖

We have an older couple that live nextdoor to us and I check on them every day.

AMANDA, I am looking for a Boston terrier and I live in Spokane Wa. Do you have any recommendations on a reputable breeder or somewhere I can look

Amanda I’m in the UK and only just came across your TV show. You and your family are amazing! I’m completely hooked. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do ❤️

Thank goodness we're still able to walk our pets around our neighborhoods here still. It's been giving people a chance to reconnect. To everyone out there, stay safe, but also stay sane. ✌️❤️💋

Will you be having another season? Loved your show so much, next to Pit Bull & Parolees❤️❤️

My daughter and I hope to get a spaniel at some point. We have one rescue hound now.

Hello Amanda from Canton,Ohio I absolutely love what you do for the animals you are so amazing will you be coming back on air with a new season

I made Panda Paws my birthday fundraiser on Facebook, I am hoping to raise a good amount for everyones hard work!! Bless You🐾🐾

So glad your doing good and the kids are to. Glad to see you have company with you. Stay safe and continue to have fun.

That's a different from what we're getting know that virus correct then with the animals have

Thanks for staying positive and telling everyone the Just be kind and use common sense ❤️🥰

I work with rescue groups here in northwest FL I understand what it’s like . To adopted not buy

I helped my neighbor with toilet paper. It’s a mad house. I’m quoting from my fav movie. Planet of the apes. Haha

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Great job

Omgggg 😍❤️❤️❤️I love you Amanda 😅😍❤️🌹#animalplanet 🔥🌹❤️😍😍

This Dog is soooo cute 🔥😍❤️❤️

She is a good girl. Very smart💜

Wow I need those stairs for my yorkie

Awe she's doing so well so far yay 👏 baby girl

Oh I want to adopt that little cutie. My Dachshunds would love her


Good girl!

Awesome little baby

What a cutie

Aww, she is looking good and happy.

Good job little babby.

She is a good girl..very smart

Little cutie. Xxx

like a champ!

Wow, perfect done. So cute!

She’s adjusting to her pink booties quite well!! Nothin’ gonna slow her down! Lol

Aww! So adorable! Hope y'all are doing well. Have a great day!


How precious loved the video😘💞😘💞😘💞

She's doing great with her brace

She's so cute and brave!

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