Panda Paws Rescue • A 503(c) Non Profit

Rescue – Rehabilitation – Hospice

Our rescue’s goal is to end the homelessness, abuse & neglect of all animals.
To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
To stand up and make a change.
When we can, to care for those sick, injured, or dying at the hands of others.
To nurture and find loving forever homes for them.
To make a change, to make a life better, to be an advocate.
To care.
Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Amanda Giese, Founder/President, Panda Paws Rescue

Do you spay & neuter your rescues?2019-03-21T21:48:41-07:00

Yes, we require that every animal is spayed or neutered unless medically they are deemed unfit for surgery because it poses a danger to their life. Thankfully, that is very rare.

Do you take cats/pigs/birds/wildlife/etc?2019-03-21T21:50:28-07:00

Yes, Panda Paws Rescue does occasionally help other species. However, the vast majority of our rescues are dogs!

I found a stray, where do I bring it or can I bring it to you?2019-03-21T21:50:34-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue does not accept stray animals and we encourage you to take the animal to your local shelter that holds the contract with your respective county to help the animal reunite with their family. If the stray is a Panda Paws Rescue alumni the local shelter will contact us and we can arrange transferring that animal back into our care with them. There are laws in each county which allow time for a family to reunite with their lost animal companion and it is very important to us that we follow those laws strictly.

I want to visit Panda Paws Rescue. Can I just stop by?2019-03-21T21:50:44-07:00

Unfortunately no. We do our best to make ourselves as available to the public as possible, however, this is our family home and for our personal privacy and safety (as well as the safety of the animals) we are NOT open to the general public to come and go. We do allow adopters to come into our home but we do not allow people to just stop by to meet us or our animals. We try to make ample opportunities each year for our beloved supporters to meet with us at fundraisers or public events. Additionally, we post daily and allow our supporters to follow the journey of each animal from within our home on our social media pages. Your respect and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Are you a nonprofit / 501c3 and is my donation tax deductible?2019-03-21T21:50:51-07:00

Yes! Panda Paws Rescue is a registered 501c3 charity and your donations are tax deductible.

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I have pet food, medications, kennels, etc to donate. Where can I do that?2019-03-21T21:49:18-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue runs on a very low volume and therefore our need for these types of donations is much lower than it is for a lot of our rescue partners. I encourage you to make these types of donations to your local shelters or to programs that help feed low income family pets. When Panda Paws Rescue is in need of a specific supply, we add that to our Amazon Wish List & share it on our Facebook page as well. ( www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 )

How do I donate to your Amazon?2019-03-21T21:49:29-07:00

Panda Paws Rescue has an Amazon Wish List and we do encourage people to donate items on that list. We try to keep it current with each new rescue that comes into our care. If you are an Amazon Smile member, Panda Paws Rescue is a recognized charity on their list to choose from as your beneficiary each time you make a purchase.

I would like to donate, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:50:59-07:00

Donation is the sole reason we are able to do what we do here at Panda Paws Rescue. Without our public support, the number of more needy animals we would be able to save would be drastically lower. Donations save lives & we are eternally grateful for your support. Donations can be made directly on our website ( www.PandaPawsRescue.org ), directly on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3 ) or via good ole snail mail to:
Panda Paws Rescue
805 NE Perry Road
Washougal, WA 98671

I would like to foster, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:52:34-07:00

Currently we only have our board members as volunteers, as well as one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks.

I would like to volunteer, how can I do that?2019-03-21T21:52:28-07:00

Volunteering is a major help in the rescue / shelter world and most could not make it happen without their selfless team of helpers. Panda Paws Rescue is an in-home based rescue where we also have active teens and much else going on. Because of this, we do not have regular volunteer opportunities. Currently we only have our board members as current volunteers, as well as one family that does tube feeding for neonatal puppies. We do occasionally need transport help and when that need arises you can find the plea for help on our Facebook page. If you are local to the Washington State or Oregon State area and are a savvy tube feeder, please send us an email as we see a major influx of cleft palate puppies that require tube feeding for 6-8 weeks. www.Facebook.com/PandaPawsRescue501c3

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She is so stinking cute!!

Go chickpea go!!!!

Anne Louise Hendrickson OMG😍

Great job!!!

I just can't stand it...she is a hoot!!!

Must feel good not to drag body ,how long till healed enough for wheels, those eye are so dang exspressive


So cute. She wants to go. Wheels will do the trick.


What a cutie❤️❤️


Love EVERYTHING about her!! She will find the perfect home !❤️


Will she get a wheelchair?

when is she getting wheels.

Oh yeah....he's on a roll!!

Unbelievable how much better she is getting around. She’ll be unstoppable with wheels. 💜

So sweet and funny❤️You are an inspiration🌞🌸

Need to make a loop at the end so you can attach a leash. So baby can exercise and you can save your back. She is so sweet.

how cute

She is certainly a determined little sweetie pie

The best video on the internet

I love love love Chickpea!!!

OMG absolutely adorable!! Oh Miss Chickpea you are so cute and so funny.. love you to bits ❤

Can’t wait to see her once she gets her wheels 💕

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Friday August 23rd, 2019 - 6:36 pm

Spicy habanero! ... See MoreSee Less

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She’s so beautiful I love her! I’m glad for people with your beautiful soul.


Omg adorable

those dang mouthy Frenchies! She'll tell you and you'll sit there and like it!

Courtney Devroy-Wilder I want her

She get all her needed drag bags yet?


Esos zapatitos! !!!

I don't think I could ever put her down!! I love her!! I would make a shirt with a pocket so I never had to let her go!!

That cuteness is too much to bear. <3 <3 <3

Aaww I just ❤ her😍😍😍

Too adorable for words !

Omg she is soo damn cute. Love she drag pouch! And her little slippersd 💖😘🐶

Hi sweet baby you are so beautiful❤❤❤ love you bunched

So cute

That’s the sweetest thing 💚💗❤️🥰 I love her

I just love her so much!

A little SUPERMAN!

My heart melts 💖

Does she have wheels

Sweet 😍

Que hermosura con su costalero lindo lindo!

Chickpea u are the cutest

So adorable.

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Chickpea Chickpea!!! Aunty Sayde made the little squirt a custom drag bag! This is super slippery and makes moving around much easier for her, especially since she walks on her wrists and not her paw pads due to her front legs being so malformed. She can boogie in it!! Well, Chickpea speed “boogie”. She loves it though! More freedom and she doesn’t have the resistance of her skin on the hardwood. Yay! If you’d like to sponsor her, she could use about 5-6 more of these so we can wash them daily! If so, please email Sayde at Fluffy Shark and Doodlebug Duds!

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Luv this lil pup!!!

She's the cutest lil bean ever! What an awesome bag she's got now! 💜💜

Oh my heart!

What an amazing idea.... she is such a beautiful girl

I love this little baby. She is so stinking cute!!!

She is so stinkin’ cute!!! What is the cost of one of these to sponsor her?

I will sponsor a bag. How?

She is sooo cute!

How do you sponsor a bag?

Oh my gosh! So cute.

She is just the cutest little thing ever!! Thank you and your team of volunteers for all you do. Tell Aunty Sayde awesome sewing skills!!

Can she use a wheelchair

It’s definitely her color 💕

What’s the cost of a bag?

Same ? How do we sponsor a bag?

How do you sponsor a bag

She is so cute. You just want to squeeze her.

So stinkin cute 😍

stylish! Looking good chickybabeee

That’s awesome!!!❤️❤️❤️

She reminds me of a little pollywog

I love this little angel!!

Ummm - a thought - young engineering students are doing amazing things with 3D printing... I'm seeing some mini wheels on the back of something like that.

Great idea!!❤❤ So chic!!

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I am so pleased to announce that our little Spitfire, Pterodactyl, has officially been adopted! Not only adopted… But adopted by a teenager who also was born with Radial Aplasia. We had so many applications on this kitten, so many great ones, but as soon as I read this app I knew this is exactly where she was meant to be! Not only is she going to have a best friend just like her, but she also will have a fellow kitten friend named Supernova & Pterodactyl’s new name is Astroid! While we do all types of species, we don’t commonly have cats in rescues so this was fun and it certainly mixed it up a little bit!

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Amanda you rock ❤️❤️

Perfect pair! 🐱❤


This so awesome. It warms my heart people who want an special needs animal. Thank you all.

That is amazing

Love this.


This is awesome

I LOVE this! So beautiful and perfect❤️❤️❤️



I love this so much! 💕

Amo o programa....família linda......


So incredibly awesome!!!

How incredible! Congrats to Astroid and her new family!! <3

A match made in heaven.

Purrrfect! ♥️

Much love to the new little family.

All the feels!

This makes my heart so happy ❤️❤️

Just Perfect!!

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Too sweet!

Omg I need a glow 🐛

She looks so good...happy ...LOVED 💘


So precious!

She is the cutest.

I so think you need to keep this baby, nobody is going to love her like you guys do!!

This is absolutely adorable. God bless your daughter. So glad Chickpea is doing so well.


She is so cute. She SOOOOOOO won

Awww .... The little snorts! ❤️

I soo wish we could have Chickpea

I think you need to keep her and let Jade be momma

Chickpea won this time.

I swear she is the cutest thing ever!

She is so cute and happy!! I love what you all do for these animals!!

Sweet love

So sweet

You guys are the best

I think, she likes it😍

Aww ...pretty nails💗

Nice nails ♥️🐾

She's so cute

Oh my gosh that face !


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Answer: yes, she won!

She is so stinking cute and feisty!


She feels good ❤️

Oh she is so cute, and all your fur babies are so concerned❤️


Maybe she should be called Chili Pepper. She is adorable and feisty.

I love her so much!

Yes she did..

Oh my stars! 😂🤣😂🤣 You guys are amazing, but Chickpea is stealing the show!!

Chickpea - 1. Humans - 0. LOL!

Omg she is such a little fireball! Love it

So cute and such a sweetie pie!!

That is a demanding little princess. So cute!

She has you wrapped around her pinky. Its adorable

Love ❤️ I do believe she wins... won me over 🤗

Yup, I thin she'd be perfect on a glow-worm shaped doggie chest pouch, just hanging around with whomever gets her! See the world, and always be close. Dunno how to design one: maybe a soft stretchy fabric made sock-like and straps and velcro. Invent, someone!

You know she does lol every time almost lol

yes. I hope so.

Too cute

You need to be her baby mama❤ She needs to stay.

Pick me up NOW 💖🐾💖

Feisty Chickpea is the winner 😁❤️🐾

So awesome!! Gotta pick me up mamma!! Im the baby!!!


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I can’t even wait to post this tomorrow… This adoption was so cool! I’m leaving this adoption feeling very accomplished as a humanitarian and rescuer, and advocate for special needs, major medical animals. This home, this couple, they’re amazing dog Harley… I mean honestly, a puzzle could not have come together more perfectly than this! Aiden is an amazing dog. He is a wonderful dog. However, he is definitely a very unique dog to get adopted and the fact that this couple cherishes and loves him as he is and finds his quirkiness endearing, it means the world to me. Harley and Aiden played for hours and could not stop enjoying each other’s company. To see Aiden get the ideal home that he would wish for and to see Harley love his new baby brother… Warms my heart. And, Aiden got carpet… And who knew that Aiden would want carpet as much as he did! He LOVES carpet! Haha  Thank you Holly & Tim for adopting this super sweet baby boy! Welcome to the PPR Family!!

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Best news ever

Great news

Thank you for posting this great picture and amazing news. Congratulations to this family. And a huge thank you to you and all the volunteers that help save this sweet baby. All of you are truly Guardian Angels.

So exciting! Have a great life Aiden!!

This is so awesome!! You’re the bomb mama panda. #girlcrush


They're all smiling! 😁

So happy Aiden got his new loving family!! Amanda, thank you for all you do for all of these furry kids!!!💞

Enjoy your new life Aiden❤️



Right on Aiden you got your furever home 🐾❤️🤙

Yay Aiden

This is amazing!!! Soo happy! You done good Amanda! I love EVERYTHING about this! 🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️


Both of these dogs and their humans look so happy!


Awesome! They are all smiling! Congratulations!❤️❤️❤️❤️

How exciting!! Now I wanna see Aiden on carpet, haha (what episode will that end up in :p ) Btw, today is World Humanitarian Day. So, well done, today and EVERY day! <3

I love a happy ending ❤

Congratulations to this perfect family! ♥️🐾

This is so awesome!! I'm so happy for Aiden ❤

YAY!!! <3

Welcome to the Pack!!!!

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Tonight is Aiden’s meet and greet! Wish him luck!! Paws crossed that this goofy rodeo gets his happily ever after!

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❤️ Goodness he’s adorable ❤️

You're a shoe in Aiden! Can't wait to hear about your new family!

So handsome!!

He is totes adorable so I hope so😘

Good luck sweet baby

Fingers crossed and praying.

Good luck adien

Good luck buddy!! #pawscrossed

They will love him!!


Paws crossed, Aiden!

it will be love at first sight💖❤

Good luck Aiden!! ❤❤

Good luck sweet pea!!

Aww, Aiden will definitely get his forever home. He's a handsome one and who wouldn't want to add him to their family? Good luck sweetheart.

Un gran saludo desde Colombia 🇨🇴 les deseo lo mejor por ese apoyo a nuestros amigos caninos los cuales son abandonados y maltratados pero ustedes le dan una segunda oportunidad de vida...

Good luck pup

I’m so excited!!!

Aww good luck 🍀

Good luck

That face.❤😘❤

How could they not love that beautiful boy?

Good luck buddy!!!

They will surely adore you Aiden...😍

He is about to bless someone’s life! What a gift he is! ♥️💙

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Chickpea is officially accepting applications! I will be crazy strict and careful about where she is placed! I am completely obsessed and over protective of Chickpea! Chickpea is a two-legged 9 month old, 4 pound French Bulldog. Her entire body is malformed and she is special needs. She is practically an infant for life! Chickpea will have a slippery drag bag to help her get around and for outside fun as well as a wheelchair. She isn’t very active but she does like to play and her short adventures. It’s important that she always has a blanket rolled up for her to rest on at a 45° angle. She will require a home where someone is home or with her MOST of the time. She sleeps in a baby playpen and will always need one. This puppy is insanely cute and will always be the size of an 8 week old puppy but she is also work. She is carried most of the time and her lungs/spinal malformations require her to be held in the a position that’s “just right”. If you feel like your home could be the perfect match, please apply online. However, please do NOT apply out of impulse! We truly need someone who can help make her life as great as possible despite all of her physical setbacks/issues.

Ps - you must adopt her glowworm too... they’re a bonded pair of twins! 

Apps: www.pandapawsrescue.org

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She’s perfect!

This is going to take someone super special! I just know they are out there. <3

Good luck sweet girl!

You need to keep her!! She can be your Duncan replacement!! Would love to watch her upcoming adventures on season 2!!! Thanks for all you do!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

She has truly blossomed under your care. 💗💗🌸

I know Amanda will find the perfect home for this perfect pup. Love you, Chickpea!!

Oooh unfortunately I live in Belgium! So in love with her 😍😍❤️🙏🏼

Sweet Chickpea!! So glad she's doing well!

I hope he is in a forever home that loves him as much as you..

I just love her! I wish I could!!!

Shes just to cute..find a happy home sweet baby

You go girl!!! Love her glowworm 🙂 She deserves a home full of love!!

I just love her!💖 Rebecca Christian this is the munchkin I was telling you about!

Her face looks so sad, she wants to stay with you. Glad she's doing better

Es demasiado bella y perfecta así como es.. Necesita mucho amor <3

O my heart!! ❤️❤️

I would love to see Chickie in a Glowworm costume! 😄

You need to keep her!!

How exciting your amazing!!!

You should keep her

She’s doing so well!


Praying for Chickpea to find the most perfect forever home ❤🙏🏼❤🙏🏼❤🙏🏼

Oh my gosh, I wish! I have 3 shihtzu, one of which has a brain disorder, and a German shepherd who is a rambunctious 2 yr old. Hope she finds the Best home!!!! 😘

She is just too stinking cute for words... Um sure there is a special someone out there that's gonna make this little fur baby have the bestest life ever. . kisses and hugs to all and thank you panda paws for all you do you are amazing

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Apparently somebody is on one of my fan pages saying that Chickpea passed away… This is absolutely NOT TRUE! She is alive, doing very well, healing wonderfully, her bruising is minimal and she is watching a movie cuddled up in my bed! THE END.

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Love that face!

I was so sad. Thank goodness

The look on her face. She’s absolutely adorable!!

Glad that Chickpea is doing well!! Keep it up!! ❤️❤️❤️

That face! ❤️

Thank goodness!!

Such a sweet adorable face!!!❤️❤️❤️

And looking at you like the queen of her world. So much love.

What a precious little angel! So glad she is doing well❤


Oh that little face ❤️ I knew it wasn’t true, someone just trying to start shit. Kisses sweet girl

Whew! So happy to hear this!

She is so cute!! 💗

SO HAPPY to hear this!!! Thank you for the update. 💜💜💜

That face! She's clearly not a fan of the rumor...yup, she's looking at you! Slay all day, Chickpea (and Amanda)!!

Oh thank goodness this post scared me for a second! Bless chickpea

You go girl❤️❤️both of you😘bud says hi!

Go Chickpea! You’re a little fighter

Some folks on those fan pages are a little worrisome. Hope you guys take the proper precautions.

She is so cute!

Oh, I wanna snuggle that baby. She's so lucky to have you in her corner ♥️

Why do people make up stories that are not true? Nasty.

She seriously has the sweetest little face ❤️

And wondering why you are not loving on her

Some people are just so bored. They should go do some laundry or dust.. Or go read a book.. Love her, your the best ❤️

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