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First pair of shoes for our splayed feather friend! Ultra soft and giving to ease him/her into physical therapy correction. The left side is much more affected but I see a micro warrior that will thrive and perch in no time! (actually a lot of time, but…)

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Already in minutes they’re correcting their feet! This case will be nonstop and fun to watch the changes!

So awesome! I once was able to correct a severe splay of my beloved chicken, Faemke. It took months, but she came back with a vengeance!! All the best for this beautiful little creature 💜

I love that no living thing is too small for you to save or help. 🦜

As a mother of multiple parrot species including Budgerigars i thank you for your kind work with that tiny creature ❤️

We used to do this same thing at a wildlife rescue I volunteered for. Works great! Good luck sweet one ❤️

Omg! I’m obsessed with cuteness!♥️you guys are the best!

Awwww! I didn't know this happened in birds too. I've only seen "swimmers" in dogs. Wow...bless you and the wee one!

Love seeing your stories. It helps me have hope in human kind. Thank you for being you

You are amazing beautiful human. This little Budgie is in the best hands I believe. Love your work!

Hope it is helpful. Are the bands going to get tighter as it gets used to wearing one?

I love all the work you do with the fur, and furless baby's

How does something like this happen? Is it like swimmers syndrome but in birds?

I love this!! I have 3 parakeets of my own and this warms my heart! Also love love love all the great work you do with all the animals!!

What a little sweetie! He/she is trying so hard! I think it will make it! What color is it? It looks like a soft grey. I l love little birdies. I had a blue parakeet named Petie as a child and he would say, “Pretty Petie!” Then I got a canary named Charlie. He was a beauty. ❤️🙏😘

Is her condition like swimmer's syndrome? I didn't know that birds can get it.

Thank you for helping this little nugget ❤️ It appears to be a male by the blue/lavender color of his cere

Amanda, what causes this? This is the first I have ever seen and I am very curious to watch this progress. I am so glad you are able to do what you do, thank you.

I love this so much. What a sweetie. Thank you all for helping the little hunni. ❤️

I love them! 💚

So awesome. I love the PPR cares for all animals. Amanda, how are you doing? I am coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the loss of my border collie, Wrigley, and I keep thinking of you and Groot.

Thank you for helping this precious feathered friend. God bless you both.❤️

Thank you Panda Paws Rescue for helping this tiny innocent bird all life matters

Amanda you do an amazing job helping all animals ❤️

You are good people!

All creatures deserve kindness...thank you

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Charming, Keen, Alert, Fearless, Confident, Faithful..... beyond CUTE, persevering, sweet and enduring.... this is your Shiba Inu! 

Kawaii is a 3 month old purebred born with some unique anomalies. These do not hinder her or hold her back! If you didnt know, you would never know... but we are thorough! She has a full, HAPPY life expectation and she hit the ground running knowing just that! Kawaii is good with everyone, everything and while she is a baby, we would like to place her into her forever home so she can adapt to the household, other animals and day-in-day-out lifestyle of her forever family. We are 100% here for any and all questions to see if she is the right match for you! 

If you think she is your newest family member, please apply at!

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She is so precious. Love Spitz dogs! (Have a Pom myself). Alert, smart, friendly and active! My house is full (besides, I live off the East Coast in PEI Canada) and I wish this little one the very best family! Thank you for all you do... <3

The pup is in southern CA and if I'm not mistaken, they're attempting to adopt her to a southern CA resident.

We are too old for a puppy, but she is adorable. Don't really want a pet that might outlive us.

She is so adorable! Loved the video of displaying with the big dogs. No fear!!! Someone will be very lucky to have such a sweet little girl!❤🐾

I already have five beautiful babies. I really hope she finds her forever home soon. She is so adorable🐾💜

She is so cute loved her the 1st time I saw her unfourtuneatly I live in New Zealand we lost a dog before Christmas so we only have one in our home now. I hope you find her forever home real soon so she can have the fun with her new family

She is so adorable <3 Shibas are such bright, cute and lively little creatures and she is no exception!

What would the cost be to adopt her? I love Shibas. I've wanted one ever since I lost my two babies a couple of years ago.

I love her little ears🥰 she's perfect

She’s very cute! That expression is a heart melter!

She is so precious!

So very precious! Love the head tilt and the floppy ear!!! 💖💖💖

She is beyond adorable 😭😍

I just love his ears.🐾🐾

Amanda you do a wonderful job you just take the reins on this

Oh, I thought she had already been adopted. ❤️

Beautiful pooch xx

What are her unique anomalies?

Thank you for sharing

What a sweetheart! ❤️❤️

So adorable!❤️

So adorable!❤️

So adorable!❤️

What a cutie

Where are you located

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New kid! I am going to meet this little splayed leg cutie on Tuesday! I am hopeful I can help correct his/her legs even more! I cant wait to see what Salád thinks of having a fellow feather friend in the house!

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Looks like a girl! I used to have several parakeets in my 20s because of living in condos in south Florida didn’t allow cats and dogs. Now I’m 60 with one dog and two old cats and been thinking of a bird again

Aww he's beautiful 😍 my whistle and his wife used to live with with kakarikis but when my last one passed and when I got a baby cockateil whistle wouldn't let anyone else in "his" home (big flight cage) so he now lives in it alone with the wife 🤣 he's such a little terror

Ahhhh I remember Gummy❤️

This poor little baby!!! Xxxooo

This is common in small birds and easy to correct. Their legs need to held somewhat loosely together. A small rubber band is sometimes used. Good luck with the little feathered one.

Beautiful birds. Good luck hope all goes well

This shirt is really cute! Its great that you sell larger sizes. I wish it said "Panda Paws Rescue" on it!

Budgies are great pets

I love birds!

I had a baby chicken with this and some tape did wonders for it. Walked wonderfully.

Her legs look painful. So glad you’re helping!

Does that mean it cannot stand straight?

That's very different from dogs you normally have it will be interesting to see what can be done for it

Sending positive vibes from Florida. ❤️

Makeup sponge does wonders for spray legged babies

Saw a vet use a popsicle stick and vet tape to gear some legs like that

Cute and colorful! Here's hoping the best.

Please call it Kylie in honour of Ms Minogue, our down under Aussie singing budgie :)

You'll fix the little tweetie sweetie!! I have no doubt!❤🙏

What a beauty!!

Didn't know you had a budgie, good luck with your newest rescue 😊

It is a result of MBD and possible inbreeding or this chick was the last to be fed (or all of the above/some of the above). Not enough calcium and nutrition/protein and D3. I suggest getting calciboost for the water. You can "brace" the legs together and over a period of 6 weeks they should firm up. OR leave it be and get really good grip perches. I think they still sell "sand" covers. This chick stood a better chance had you gotten it when it was still in the nest and growing. My splayed leg birds/adults got support perches, which are basically rubber gear ties you get at home depot. If you do decide to "tape" the legs you will have to check the feet repeatedly during the day to insure the feet are getting circulation.


OH One more thing. Do not feed this bird "seed". Really should be converted over to a pelleted diet. I feed my parakeet Dolly supreem fruit flavored pellets and she also get Harrisons organic pellets (as do all my birds) Seed is the absolute worst thing you can feed a pet bird it is responsible for obesity and fatty liver disease in pet birds and for birds who have "weak hips" it is VERY painful. Converting is not hard to do. You may want to supplemental hand feed while converting over. My bird was a parent raised bird eating seed when we got her, not hand tame. I worked with her and she is a hoot and on pellets! Good luck.

Google splayed leg. Been there with chicks. They're adorable in their tiny cardboard shoes.

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Kawaii has tamed all the big dogs and she is feeling like the cool kid on the block! Where ‘o where is her forever family and their application? 

Apply at and bring this cutie home while she is still a wee tot!

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If I didn't have health issues I would totally apply for this sweet little one.. just lost our baby 3 weeks ago and my mom yesterday. My heart isn't healed yet.

I sooo wish I could adopt her. My only draw back is I work all day. She is my perfect dog I have been wanting for so long! A white female Sheba. Her vertebrae problem does not matter as long as she is not in pain. Almost put in the application but for my long work hours.😥😃

Love them all… but so partial to huskies. I have two… this is my girl Kimber 💖🐾

I’d take her n a heartbeat but I live in Belgium

She is a real cutie. Some one must be out there that will love her, play with and enjoy her

I love her 💞🥰

She is so beautiful ❤️ We are fans from Norway and are following you're show on TV also. We love and admire the work you do with dogs. It's so beautiful Panda Paws Rescue ❤️ This is us, and we will continue to following the great work you do 😍

she is just too cute! I would love to have that little baby! I live in Idaho though

She is gorgeous. Shame I live in the UK 🇬🇧 x

She’s so beautiful. I have a 3 year old red male shiba and just lost my 16 year old shiba girl and my 13 year old lab two weeks ago together. I’m in Canada 🇨🇦 tho

If you could get her to Indiana I'd put one in!! She's gorgeous 😍

Such a sweet pup! 🥰

If I didn’t already have 3 dogs I would turn in a app! 😍

Beautiful baby!!

Look at the lil' cutie 💓

Of course she did

So adorable!❤️


What a cutie!!



So cute ❤️

So cute


Dogs are the perfect companions. They offer love, support, and comfort in a world that can often be chaotic and unpredictable.

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I love you Kawaii!!!

Bummer! I would scoop her up in a heartbeat if I didn't live in California. She is absolutely adorable

I love her!! And the fact your other dogs go full force playing but avoid hurting her 💜

Wow she gets around so well! Love this!

Oh my goodness! So great seeing her move like that!

You would have no idea this baby has any difference. What a pistol! We took a chance on a dog with unknown outcomes and 4 years later, other than no vision in one eye, he's amazing.

She's one determined little girl! She's not going to let anything stop her from enjoying life to the fullest, even with a wonky spine!! Love this little spitfire!!❤🐾

Just a question. Since her little spine is deformed, is there a chance that as she grows her spine could pinch a nerve? Thanks and God bless

I love this 😀 ❤

Hi Amanda we watched your season of Amanda to the rescue and loved it! I saw this on tik tok and thought of you

What a little spitfire, she looks like she’s keeping everyone on their toes!!

She is just the cutest thing ever! And definitely looks like she may be the leader of the pack.

She is ready to let them know who the boss is she is having fun doing it ❤️

Love this video. 😀

She is like a bunny rabbit using those back legs to propel herself! So stinkin cute!

She’s an adorable little spitfire!🥰🐾

Oh my, she is a firecracker!! Love her adventurous attitude ❤🐾

She is a feisty one!

I love her spunky attitude.

I am a big dog in a little body!

Omg she is just the spunkiest lil fireball!! I adore her🥰🥰🥰

She is a warrior!!

Love this little spitfire.

She's a little spitfire!!!

So awesome! You go girl!

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