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We encourage you to stay active and up-to-date on our Facebook page to see who we have in rescue, who is currently accepting applications and who is coming into rescue as well as their needs and what the ideal home would entail for each individual animal.

The animals we care for are ever-changing and because Panda Paws Rescue & Amanda herself have been very busy lately (in part due to balancing the rescue & television show) it’s quite the undertaking to keep up.

Thank you for your understanding and following our social media platforms!

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Good morning everyone! As you noticed I have been quiet this last week. I have had a lot going on, intentionally took a break from social media, and investing back into recharging my own batteries. Panda Paws Rescue is ready to take courtesy post requests and help major medical & special needs animals connect the dots to get into the right rescue in the USA. Feel free to email me all of the details on each animal in need, great photos, what vetting has been done so far and what I can do to help to!

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Glad that you took a little time for are an AWESOME PERSON for what you do

You need to take care of yourself!! I hope you are doing OK. You are incredible.

I did notice you weren't posting, glad you took some time for self-care !! Hugs and pets to all the furbabies 😍

Has your show been canceled? I really loved it. Good for you. You need to take care of yourself ❤️

Hello. I have followed you, first by finding your show on the television. I am in Iowa and while I can’t just run over to help you I just wanted you to know I am available to help you in a pinch. I have experience with special needs dogs, specifically a diabetic/ Cushings yellow lab that became blind very quickly. His disease was difficult but manageable and he sadly had to cross the bridge at the age of 10. My other lab with severe hip dysplasia that I was told by a vet to put down at 9 months old lived to be 14 years old. Again it was a challenge but we made it work. I have 2 doodles now and they both found me somehow and I am certainly open to bringing another fur baby into the fold. I know you don’t know me from Adam but I wanted to throw this out to you. I’m not that great on social media but if u want to talk please let me know. I will save this post as I don’t know any other way to make sure I can reply if you want to get in touch with me. Thank you and all your dedication to helping all these babies in need.

Hi Amanda is there anything I can do to help you..? I live in the UK and love your work. But with me being here I can’t physically help. But maybe a donation or something. Sending love ❤️

I hope you're well and thank you for all you do😺😻😺

Take care of yourself. It’s very important to take care of yourself. I look forward to your posts.

Panda Paws Rescue Do you think you’d be able to find someone to help these 2 blind sisters? They’re now at Pawtcake Refuge but an airlift is planned in about 2 weeks and they could join the flight if they have a safe destination.

If you need an emotional boost, pop onto Jade's FB and check out a couple of videos I just posted on our girl. She is so grown and poised all of a sudden. You'll be a proud Auntie Panda.

Happy you took time for yourself and other things

Everybody needs to stop and recharge a little now and then. What you do is something draining, but thank you for that!❤🐾

I am glad you took time for you. It is important and at 68 yrs old, I am learning to take care of me. 🥰

It is so important that you take care of yourself so you can take care of others !

Everyone needs a break now and then. Im glad put yourself first this time.

It is so important to take care of yourself!

Glad you’re taking care of yourself!

I hope all is well mentally and physically and emotionally for you. 💜💜

Love you all.Please take care of yourself 🙏💕

You lucked out getting rid of the rooster…! Awful critters!

We have to take care of ourselves first. ❤️

Sometimes we all need that time to be away from others.. l always say the same thing , ll need my time to recharge my internal batteries. Shame that my Uky does not understsnd that🤣😅😆😁😄🥰

welcome back. You were missed <3

Proud of you!!! About time. ❤️🐾

sometimes you have to take care of yourself so you can keep up the good fight <3

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The oddest twins just turned three weeks & are thriving! One for sure got the Rottweiler genes & the other the dachshund genes!

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If I lived in the States I'd offer up my home, love Rotti's Mia, was my first Rotti adoption was dubbed mama Mia as she took other rescues under her belt(sadly she crossed over June 2021). Tinker was a a daxie x Jack Russell, body of a Jack Russell and colors of a daxie. Used to call Tinker, mia's minion and he was my second shadow...

Happy 3 week Birthday Babies!!!! I think I love Spike!!!!

Happy Birthday little ones!! So glad you are thriving!

Adorable! Rottis are my favorite, next to mutts of course.

It's crazy how genetics work... bottle fed a litter of yorkie/husky/miki mix puppies and one was the size of a Yorkie(6 lbs) the other 4 are like 25-30 lbs

Twins my mom dog first litter. When together long term the there blended personality is scary cause they follow each others lead

Litters of pups", can have more than one "dad". Mom got "nailed" more than once.

That's like my boys! One git the American Stafford terrier Gene's and the other got the doxie gene. Their both the cutest boys I have!

Oh my goodness! How sweet. Takes me back when my rotties were puppies!

They are precious I have a soft spot for daschunds

Hard to believe they are siblings glad they are doing well.

Awwwwww, happy 3 wk B-Day sweet babies

Thank you all you do for these sweet babies

They are adorable. One took after mama and the other is more like dad. ❤💙

Happy birthday sweet babies

Oh my gosh! That’s crazy! And those tiny little toes. 🐾❤️

Happy happy birthday! They are adorable!

OMG!! They are just too cute. I just can't imagine a mix of those two breeds.

how freaking adorable are these two

Happy birthday little ones

Happy birthday little one. So cute

Happy birthday to the odd couple. They are the cutest

Precious babies

So adorable!❤️ Sweet babies

Love, love, love these two cuties! Happy Birthday to you both!!❤🐾❤🐾

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Three female Great Danes between the ages of 2-4 years old need immediate rescue help. One merle, one blue and one fawn. They are located in OHIO currently and have a window of opportunity to be released from a puppymill. All of them are reportedly use to living with other various dogs. If your rescue can help, please email me at and I will connect everyone to help ensure their rescue. 

(I apologize for no *actual* photos for everyone to look at, but this is the reality of working to take the disregarded from the mill industry. All three of them will be perfect and make amazing family loved ones.)

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Call Dr. Pol in Michigan. He loves them.

I wish I didn't live so far Away 😕

Wow! What amazing people we have in our big pool of animal lovers! I don't know any of you, but we all love animals, so just know how much it means to the rest of us animal lovers, for you to step up, when we can't. You are all appreciated and loved for that. Amanda, and Panda Paws Rescue, are an amazing rescue to help out!!❤🙏

Panda Paws Rescue Contact Dr. Pol in Michigan! him and his family loves great danes and he is a fantastic veterinarian too 🙂

I live in ohio but can rescue them to help get them to the right love to keep them but i am at 6 dogs that i rescued/adopted and there all young so wont have any openings for long time new comers for awhile..but im in ohio and have the vehicle to transport.

I wish i lived closer

Harlequin Haven Great Danes? It’s a rescue in the Cincinnati area.

I am in Columbus and can help foster

What do I .need to do Iive in florida but I would love to adopt one

Have had a Dane before and live in Illinois and would adopt one

I'm in East Texas how do I adopt one (if still available)

I hope you find some who can help!

I hope you find somewhere suitable quickly for them

Wish I was closer !!

MuttLove Dog Rescue Pamela Ann I'm sure you're flooded as well but just in case 😣

Prayers for all 3

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue Volunteers anyone know of someone close?

Stephanie from the Big Mutt Network will be reaching out to you.

Cara I wanna adopt one!!!!!!!


Sent you an email. Rhode Home Rescue would love to help.

Where in Ohio? We are in WV

wish i could

Tina Walp, want a female Dane?

Paul Livesay first person I thought of! ❤️

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Sunshine and summertime adventures are officially upon us! Which also means, HOT HOT asphalt! I post things like this every year, all of us professionals do & still every year thousands of dogs wind up with blistering, burnt feet & that’s excruciatingly painful. Please - BE AWARE! Rule of thumb: if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them!!

& FFS, don’t leave your pets in the car! Just stop that stupidity.

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This is 1000 % incorrect! Air temperature and pavement temperature are completely unrelated! 90 degree air temp in the sun and 90 degree air temp during rain will cause the temperature of the pavement to be totally different!

Had to tell my neighbor this last week when it was 85 and I wasn’t walking my dog like usual. He said it’s not true and he does it all the time with his dog! I told him use his face to test for one minute because clearly his foot was not working! Not sure if he tested with his face but next morning while we were both walking our dogs (in cool weather) he said sorry and thanks for the warning.

If you have to be constantly reminded of this, as well as not leaving your animal in a hot car, I (and this is MY opinion) think you simply shouldn’t have any animal. I always check the outside temp before taking my dog out at any time of the day, as well as checking the concrete walkways and asphalt around my home. If it’s too warm, we do a quick potty session outside in the yard then play inside for the day

I try to make my dog walk in the grass when I take her out. And I find ways to not walk on the hot pavement as much as possible 🥰

Before Ranger went to Rainbow Bridge he walked on concrete. He would only get in the grass to do his business. I live in Houston Texas🥵 No nerve damage no burnt feet. Completely Furever Altered🐶💙❤️‍🩹

I always check the temp for sidewalks and the road when we head out for a walk, but if the outside temp is up and it’s hot and sunny, we do cut our walks short. We go out early in the morning, when it’s cooler and after supper when it’s starting to cool down. My girl does much better then.

What’s funny is that our dogs used to voluntarily go lay on our hot tub cover which got SO hot in the summer we could not sit or step on it. They never seemed phased by it. We were always so worried about their paws and then saw them on that like it was nothing. Not saying don’t be cautious, but that really made me wonder.

Although helpful not always true. If it’s rained or shady it maybe much different but you should always check the asphalt in the sun spots to see.

When out with my (adult) daughter and her service dog we must look weird as we both periodically reach down and touch the ground.

These signs should be everywhere. People don’t think about Dogs paws being the same as our feet with no shoes on in very hot conditions. I haven’t seen anything in Australia like this and we need it .

Hope people will copy this and abide by it so that their fur babies do not suffer in either way.

Mom has walking booties for her service dog Barley..6yr old English Chocolate Lab...he gives me a look really?...but he wears summer and winter..even though in Alabama we do not have much of a winter...he always gets looks, but his paws are protected! And of course the color matches his collar! Soooo glad he has the personality of Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh)! Here he is pictured w/ Delilah.

Hello, I find it exciting that it is so hot. Today is the beginning of summer for us. It's about 17 degrees and it's raining a lot. Drink a lot and take care of your animals. All love from the rain

I just got a cute overstock runner so my doggie can walk on the trex deck to come back inside ! Trex decks are hot in the summer

Thank you for the reminder to all dog owners!

I see so many walking their dogs on hot days 😡

When it starts getting warm/hot outside I limit my dogs exposure outside. If it is to hot outside for me it is to hot outside for my dog. When I walk her I walk her early in the day before it gets to warm, just when the starts getting daylight out


Can we get DISNEYWORLD to post this. Can you advocate this.

Thank you Amanda ❤️🐾

God bless you 💜🐾

If I am not sure if it's too hot, I put my barefoot on it first before walking any dog.

Concrete sidewalks too

Debbie O'Hara Look at the name of this organization ♥️


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Happy Memorial Day! May we all take a moment to think about those who served and lost their lives for all of us in America! While enjoying the day off (if you have it off), bbqing, boating, celebrating, just remember why we are able to celebrate and the great sacrificed made for our freedom. 🇺🇸

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I have never understood why so many people say Happy Memorial Day. This day was established by the former Confederate States in 1866 to honor and remember the military dead. The first Memorial Day was observed in Columbus, Georgia. It was formally adopted by the United States in 1868. It is a solemn day of remembrance, not a day of happiness.

For the veterans who gave all, man, woman or dog, thank you all for your service and sacrifice!❤🇺🇸

So sad so many had to sacrifice their lives so that we can be free! Thank you to all of you who have and still are serving and protecting our freedom !

Love this! Thank you❤️

Thank you for posting.


It's not a HAPPY day. "Memorial". Be grateful and honor those that died so you may be free. Families of the fallen are not "Happy".

Amen! Freedom isn’t Free!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


🇺🇸 ❤ 😊

Thank you for remembering the fallen men and women on this day. Just a suggestion, you may want to remove the "Happy" from Memorial Day. For many of us, it's a day for remembering, & mourning, so there is nothing Happy about it. Just food for thought.

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