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Adoptable Animals

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful rescues!

We encourage you to stay active and up-to-date on our Facebook page to see who we have in rescue, who is currently accepting applications and who is coming into rescue as well as their needs and what the ideal home would entail for each individual animal.

The animals we care for are ever-changing and because Panda Paws Rescue & Amanda herself have been very busy lately (in part due to balancing the rescue & television show) it’s quite the undertaking to keep up.

Thank you for your understanding and following our social media platforms!

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Look who is all grown up, still hanging out at Camp Panda Paws Rescue and still the handsomest pibby!  sometimes it hurts my heart that cobra still does not have any interest or adoption prospects… It hurts my heart that he has four strikes against him for being a black dog, Pitbull, adult male and prior injuries (that we’ve invested $8000 in fixing). It’s OK though because between myself and our rescue partners, this sweetheart will find his happily ever after and that family is getting one hell of a best friend! Spam the comments with your black coated pets!!!

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We would love to have him but unfortunately have 3 already 🙁 But he has for sure won my heart!!

A cutie pie.

❤️❤️I would apply for this gorgeous pup in a heartbeat if I didn’t work 10hour days and live in Canada

How is he with cats?

I live in Santa Rosa California and I just posted this for you maybe you'll get some interest for that precious little boy

I live in South Carolina and would love to give him a home! This is my 1st time seeing pics of him. He's gorgeous❤

I'd adopt him in a heartbeat if I didn't live in a small second floor apartment. I love pibbles.

Oh so cute! If I didn’t have a dog aggressive pitty of my own, I’d take him in a heartbeat 💗

Aww I'd adopt if we could in Canada. He's got sweet eyes

He is absolutely gorgeous but I have a half pit half GSP that was a rescue and not doggie social.


He would be perfect for me and my pack


Those eyes... how is he with other dogs?

I have to wait until my 3 senior dogs cross the bridge 2 are getting close sadly one will be any time now 😢

Need info! This is the first time I've seen him!❤🥰

What a sweetie Lil face.

He's beautiful

So adorable! I hope he finds a home soon! Will share his face on my page ♥️

I would love to have him but my current dog is a butt. 😞

Wish my dog liked other dogs.

That perfectly loving and caring family is on the way 🤗💗💗🙏🏻🙏🏻

Where is he, and how does he do w other dogs/cats?

Can he go to a home with young children? We love black pups (think they are adorable) and already have a very dog friendly tripod pup (55lb boxer mix). We are all about rescue "scratch and dent" pups.❤️

I thought he would be snapped up in a second. We wanted to apply but are in the middle of moving my mother in so afraid it might be too much for him.

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This little man with one polkadot birthmark on his tongue is very proud of himself! His neurology team agrees that he has made tremendous strides in the right direction but we have hit a wall. On Friday, he will have an MRI and spinal tap so we can further diagnose, get to the root of everything so I can help him walk on all fours, sturdy, hopefully. obviously this is going to be over $4000 so we appreciate every single penny donated to help us help him! Brisket is a major heart throb, everyone, literally everyone, falls madly in love with him! He’s getting his best bowtie ready for his date with his technicians and neurologist on Friday! 

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I love your license plate lol

Love the license plate! 😂😂

He looks like an absolute sweetie pie!

I fell head over heals for him the first time I saw him! 🥰🥰🥰

Prayers for the best news possible

Such a cutie! And so happy!



Despite all his issues he always looks so happy. Living in the moment! 🐾


He's stunning!!!

My soul mate. I have spinal problems too. We could chill together

Keep up the amazing work so happy for you.

He is so adorable ..I'm so glad everything went good..

I ❤️ your personalized license plate 🤣😂

You should open up a Kissing Booth at one of the local Holiday events and charge $10 for a kiss from Brisket. You’d make good money! I mean, I’d go thru the line at least 5 times! 😍

Such a pretty dog

good luck little hunky chunk of chocolate! ❤

Love and prayers

So adorable. Wish I could help. But I will send good vibes for best outcome for Brisket.


Sweet puppy boy

Brier sends brisket happy thoughts! Brier is one fast lady in her wheels!


The license plate is a Friends episode-meeting Chandlers Dad.

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He is such a love bug!❤️

I know it is hard to get an appointment. I need to call her to get my meds for my special needs Yorkie

Those baby teeth are sharp

Prayers for good news

Precious baby

Sweet beautiful Brisket, sending prayers for a great vet appointment!❤🙏🥰

you are so great with these animals. I love watching and getting updates.

I could watch that all day!! love it! love you! thank you for what you all do!!

Love muffin

I love him

I think u are a great human

Such a cute little bugger.❤️

Brisket you are a beautiful. Love your little teeth. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Omg! What a precious little chocolate nugget he is 🤎🤎

So love this puppy!

Amanda you are Amazing!!! And this cutie is adorbs!!!

just love him!!!!

Thank you for all you do. He is such a cutie. Miss you on TV. Are you going to ever be back on?

He looks so happy being a puppy

Awww! Sending prayers🙏🙏🙏

Beautiful!! Love those eyes!! 🥰

What a adorable puppy

He loves his mom so much.. you can see it in those eyes...

That is one beautiful chocolate nugget 💕

He's such a handsome boy 🥺

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So proud.

He is too cute 😍😍

Life is too short to have perfect landscaping .. he's SO happy 😛😛

Proud adorable I want

Is that little brisket? Oh my goodness hes doing amazing!!!

Love him x

Hims so proud of himself. He's showing off his new work.

“Not me! I was just showing you what the cat did when you weren’t looking 😇”.

Charles Wells

He is walking so much better. You are a miracle worker.

Tremor toes🥰 ‘not me’! 😆

Not me.... It was the

He regrets nothing...🥰

Can't tell a lie,the cat did it

Omg! He's so cute! 😍😍😍😍

So adorable

Shows he's loving life by digging a hole :)

Reminds me of my boy...lost him 2020❤ miss him everyday!!

Oh my!! Look at him go and Soo proud of his hole

That’s why I love Labs! They can be so naughty but they always look so guilty so you have to forgive them! 🤣

That's a lab for ya

And he is proud of it!

Brisket is doing Sooo Well!! Even the digging! ❤️🦄❤️🦄❤️

So cute❤❤❤

Oh my, I LOVES him!!! ❤

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Tomorrow we will share more information about Pixie on the left and Honey on the right but we had a late night emergency to bring them into our care. Their owner is in hospice and we promised her a long, long time ago that when her health officially needed these two to come in to rescue that we would take them in. Again, more information to come but these two adorable Pekinese girls will soon be looking for their forever home. 🤍 Tonight before you go to bed please send love to their mom, calmness, peace, no pain and reassurance that we will absolutely make sure her beloved dogs are loved for the rest of their life just as she has loved them until now. 

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Prayers sent- may she go peacefully


Praying for her

They are darling ‼️

They are precious ♥️. Praying for their mom — thank you for helping all of them. So hard 😞

Love and light❤️

Please keep them together ❤ I'm sure knowing that would help bring their mom peace.

As a hospice social worker, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. The peace that this will give her is immeasurable.

Love, light and Peace ☮❤🙏

Honeys face looks so concerned 🥺💕

Karla Warren

Oh my so sad to hear I pray for the mama and the babies for good home, those babies are going to be lost without their mama that's for sure


How do I apply

Sending prayers.


Love and comfort 💚✨💚

My grandma absolutely loves Pekingese she even grew up with them, I guess I did too and had the job of grooming them. These two are adorable and hope they find a great home. If anyone doesn’t know about the breed they are very loving tend to pick their person and love to beg for food. All of ours would sit up on their back legs and shake their little paws to beg for food.



I remember my father telling me during his time of leaving that his girls were keeping him here, only when I reassured him for the umpteenth time is when he finally took his wife's hand... I recently had to put his girl Alli down and Abby was already with them, but now they are all together again which gave me peace!! Amanda, I appreciate all that you do!!

I hope you keep them together in their future home!!!

Son hermosas, me encantaría quedarme con alguna, pero es difícil ya que vivo en ciudad de México!!! Les deseo a las pequeñas que encuentren un hogar amoroso!

Oh my goodness! This touches my heart! God bless their owner in her time of need! I am praying for you!


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