Panda Paws Rescue Alumni: ED SCHMED BOBBLEHEAD

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Ed Schmed adoption
ed schmed adoption

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Describe What is in the Picture
Describe What is in the Picture

Ed Schmed Bobblehead

Reason for coming to the rescue: Ed has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a shelter in CA reached out to Panda Paws for help with finding him the perfect home.

Adoption Date: October 2019

Ed is the happiest creature on the planet.  Every morning he wakes up happy, he goes through the day happy, and he goes to sleep happy. His favorite things to do are chasing his sister dogs in the field, walking to the mailbox, snuggling under the covers, and following mom from room to room, then running away when she turns around.  He has learned to walk on a leash like a champ, and is working on slowing down enough to follow commands like “sit,” which he can do now 100% of the time.  He even goes up our front stairs, with mom holding on to his harness, of course.  We love Ed so much we can hardly even tell you.  He is such a wonderful little guy, and we don’t know how we ever lived without him.