Panda Paws Rescue Alumni: EGGNOG

Life According to EggNog
Eggnog Playing in Snow • Panda Paws Rescue Alumni
Eggnog Playing in Leaves • Panda Paws Rescue Alumni
Eggnog Riding in the Car • Panda Paws Rescue Alumni
Eggnog with his Saint Pillow • Panda Paws Rescue Alumni


Current Name: EggNog EggNog Powder

Reason for coming to the rescue: Deaf

Adoption Date: December 2018

EggNog wakes up happy, and goes to bed happy.  He loves his doggy siblings and is the resident ear and face groomer.

He has since been diagnosed with severe environmental allergies and Addison’s disease.  He is on medication for the Addison’s condition, and receives an injection monthly. He also receives an injection for his allergies.  Both conditions are well under control.

His favorite hobby is finding the biggest pile of dirt and sitting, laying, or rolling in it. He is a bundle of joy and brings us much happiness every day.

About his name: When we have rescued, the adopted name has become their middle name.  In this case, EggNog’s name when adopted was perfect, so his first name and middle name are EggNog.  😊