Panda Paws Rescue Alumni: NOAH

In Rescue & Adoption Day
Noah Next to a Can of Olives
Noah Playing in the Grass
Noah on Adoption Day!

At His New Home

Noah Waiting Patiently for His Picture to be Taken
Noah Taking a Nap
Noah Playing in the Grass


Current Name: Tibbles

Reason for coming to the rescue: Right rear leg amputation and other pelvic abnormalities

Adoption Date: 2020

Tibbles is definitely a herding breed and wants to help you go where he wants you to!

He is very food and toy motivated. He is incontinent so I wash his things constantly so when I am doing laundry he always has to be there to supervise and retrieve any of his belongings.

He has had a few medical issues but for the most part has been healthy. Still hoping for a miracle in the bladder department!