Panda Paws Rescue Alumni: PROFESSOR CLOVIS

Ready to be Adopted
Professor Clovis at Panda Paws Rescue
Professor Clovis at Panda Paws Rescue

With my New Family

Professor Clovis with his Adopted Family
Professor Clovis in his Mommy's Little Man T-shirt
Professor Clovis with his Dog Family
Professor Clovis, now known as Rocky

Professor Clovis

Name when in rescue: Professor Clovis

Name: Rocky

Reason for coming to the rescue: Liver shunt

Adoption Date: 2019

By Rocky Taylor

Goodness where should I start? I was adopted on a Monday night and went to work the very next morning with my Mom. I loved it! I got so much attention and loves from all of mommy’s 911 friends.

I’ve been hitting the road with Mom, Dad, Mazie and Obi as often as possible in our motorhome. I love traveling, exploring and meeting new people and doggie friends.

2019 had a few medical bumps or me, but 2020 was a bit better. Mom says I can be a real stinker for not eating, but I’m just not a foodie. I make Mom and Dad hand feed me.

2020 was rough for Mom and Dad with this COVID stuff, but I especially love having them work from home the majority of the time. I do miss my social outings to the office though.

Overall I’m a happy spit fire wrapped up in a 7 pound body. I love my family and my favorite toy, that Mom says I’m a obsessed with, is my yellow chick chick.

Amanda used to call me the chocolate morsel, now Mom calls me her silver nugget!