Panda Paws Rescue Alumni: YVIE ODDLY

We’re Now a Family of Five
Yvie Oddly with her Family
Yvie Oddly Next to Plant Stand
Yvie Oddly Waiting for her Picture to be Taken
Yvie Oddly Enjoying Starbucks

Yvie Oddly

Current Name: Yvie Stella
Our other two girls have name starting with S, but Yvie responded so well to her name that we didn’t want to change it and made the S name her middle name. 😊

Reason for coming to the rescue: Malformed front feet, and was taken in to rescue at PPR at 5 weeks.

Adoption Date: April 2020

Yvie is a silly, wonky, wicked smart girl who loves to play with our other two doggies. She can run really well outside in the grass, so she gets regular time each day to chase a ball or just run her heart out.

Her feet have gotten worse, but she does well with the ramps and stairs we have gotten for her.  She is still learning her personal boundaries, but she is is learning and is very cuddly in the evening when she is tired.

Her favorite place to sleep at night is under the covers.  She loves burrowing into blankets and enjoys a bit kennel time with a Kong filled with treats when she is really tired.